3-Night / 4-Day Tour

The 4-day, 3-night tour is the shortest, most economical option for visiting Eden Lodge and the Amazon rainforest.

4-Night / 5-Day Tour

The 4-night tour is a great option for someone looking for a more in depth experience of the Amazon, with a price that is very affordable.

7-Night / 8-Day Tour

This one-week long trip is perfect for those looking for a complete experience in the Amazon with ample time to discover myriad species of wildlife.

White-Fronted Capuchin eating

Eden Amazon Lodge has immense quantities of wildlife, it is one of the most bio-diverse places on this Earth! The wildlife that can be found in Eden Amazon Lodge, ranges from tiny monkeys like the Pygmy Marmoset, to the one-of-a-kind Giant River Otter. Our reserve contains 597 bird species, over 150 species of amphibians, and so much more!

Eden Amazon Lodge offers dozens of incredible activities to enjoy the Amazon to the fullest! The lodge is located next to Yuturi Cocha lake, which has many inlets and allows for more diverse wildlife. The activities that we offer range from dugout canoe trips, to walks through the amazing rainforest. These walks range from short 30 minute walks, all the way to 6-hour hikes through the Amazon. Because of the small size of the lodge, the activities are flexible and customizable to your precise needs and interests. 

The El Eden Community has about 400 ethnic Kichwa indigenous people and who are the sole owners of about 25,000 hectares (62,000 acres of rainforest) and Eden Amazon Lodge. Your visit helps the community fund basic health and education needs.

Your visit helps the community fund basic health and education needs of all members of the El Eden community.