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Andes to the Amazon, A Biodiversity Journey Eden Amazon Lodge – El Monte Sustainable Lodge

Andes to the Amazon, A Biodiversity Journey El Monte Sustainable Lodge – Eden Amazon Lodge August, 2019

Set yourself up for the vacation of a lifetime and join us for the Andes to the Amazon: A Biodiversity Journey – a science-driven adventure in August 2019.

Travel with scientists who do research in Ecuador and gain a deeper understanding of what drives this incredible biodiversity and the conservation challenges that are faced.  Our scientific team will guide you through topics ranging from biodiversity to conservation and help you understand through presentations, discussions of key scientific literature, and in-nature examples.  Native guides will provide a greater understanding of the forest in which they live and share their information, stories, and skills on group hikes. With their keen eyes so much more is revealed, and you will be fascinated. A photographer and artist will help you find your creative spirit to capture the essence of your travels. Your journey through these biodiverse regions combined with a greater scientific understanding will forever change your outlook on these magnificent ecosystems. Be prepared to be awestruck in the face of beauty while skillfully challenged by learning from researchers and scientists who specialize in these regions. You will gain a first-hand knowledge that has been rarely offered to the public. When such a unique opportunity presents itself, you know you must participate. Spaces are limited, so please do not hesitate.

Ecuador lies at the equatorial crossroads of the richest and most diverse region on Earth, the Tropical Andes. Because of its status as one of seventeen megadiverse countries in the world, and the one with the most species diversity per unit area, Ecuador provides an ideal setting for the exploration and understanding of tropical ecology and conservation. This incredible biodiversity is supported by the wide variety of ecoregions within the country that provide a natural laboratory for learning about tropical ecology. The challenges faced by Ecuador as a developing nation and the accompanying struggles to manage its natural resources in a sustainable manner make it equally suitable for observing conservation efforts in action.

We will have a variety of outdoor activities for you to participate in – birding, night hikes, photography, and climbing into the canopy. How much you do is all up to you!  Participants are encouraged to read the book, “Tropical Nature” by Adrian Forsyth and Ken Miyata before arrival or at least have read the first six chapters. It is extremely easy to read (even for the non-biology types!) and incredibly informative. It is written in a more story-like fashion that draws the reader in and is quite humorous at times. We also seek to give you an introduction to the scientific literature that informs us on biodiversity, its drivers, and conservation. We’ve selected a few, easy to read pieces that we will walk you through and discuss. We encourage you to read these articles to the best of your ability, focusing on the introduction and discussion sections.