What should I pack?

  • Lightweight, fast drying clothes that cover your arms and legs to protect from sun and insects. (synthetic, nylon and quick drying are best)
  • Dark colors such as black, dark blues, dark greens, and dark browns as these colors blend in with the environment and won’t frighten or seem strange to the animals as white or bright colors may be
  • Bug repellant
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Binoculars
  • Camera, extra batteries and cards
  • Good quality socks for walking in rubber boots
  • Shoes or sandals for around camp
  • A hat
  • Swimsuit
  • Flashlight

What’s the best time of year to travel to Eden?

Since Eden is located close to the Equator, there is little variability in climate year-round, though there are drier and wetter seasons. The drier seasons also tend to be hotter and the water levels lower. The Low water months are November, December, and January. According to Nixon, the indigenous guide there is also a small low water season August. With low water levels it is easier to see the animals because there is less water for them to swim in, so it is easier to see them.

Is there electricity at the lodge?

Yes! 110V electricity is in the main house all of the cabins, although the generator is turned off at night, after bedtime. They are again turned on before wake up time. There are working showers with hot and cold water 24/7.

Do I need any travel vaccinations?

It is up to the traveler’s best judgement and the opinion of their doctor. Malaria is present though uncommon, so obtaining malaria pills may be an option for some. It is always recommended to visit a travel doctor before traveling abroad for expert advice. Here are the CDC’s recommendations for Ecuador.

Should I worry about mosquitos and other insects?

You’re not to worry but you should expect them as the rainforest is their home. It is recommended to bring insect repellent and to wear clothes that cover your legs and arms (especially before dusk and after dawn). We recommend synthetic or nylon, quick-drying pants, and shirts.  

Are there medical services or medical evacuation available?

There is a clinic and water ambulance at the town of Eden, and the staff is educated on how and what to do in emergency situations. Many have grown up in communities in the rainforest and understand the dangers and take the precautions necessary to avoid problems.

Do the guides speak English?

There are English speaking guides in addition to indigenous guides. The indigenous guides are learning English and as the lodge progresses.

Is there Internet or telephone access available?

-The hotel has telephone service available and it is possible for texts messages to go through with some local cell phone operators. There is not wifi and it is not possible to have cellular data, however, this is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the beautiful wildlife around you and to spend some time unconnected from the busy world we live in.

What wildlife am I likely to see?

-You will be amazed by the diversity in the wildlife you see! Expect to see many different varieties of monkeys, birds, insects, and butterflies. It is possible to see many birds as there are more than 700 species in the Ecuadorian Amazon alone. You may see Giant River Otters, snakes, frogs, rodents and more. If you are very lucky, you’ll see pink river dolphins, anacondas, and mighty caimans! The Amazon is the most diverse place in the world in regards to wildlife, you will not be disappointed.