Map of Eden Amazon Lodge, Yasuni, Ecuador, Amazon


The Ecuadorian Amazon has the fastest access to the Amazon rainforest in all of South America.
Arrival to Eden starts with a 30-minute flight from the capital city of Quito to the town of Coca. From there, it’s about a 3.5-hour motorized canoe ride down the Napo River to Eden.

Coca is located on the Napo River and is the gateway to most of the deep forest experiences in the Ecuadorian Amazonian Rainforest. Staff from Eden will meet you in Coca and transport you to the Rio Napo, where our motorized canoe awaits you. From Coca you will travel about 3.5 hours downstream to the entrance to the Rio Yuturi.

If the river is at a high water level, we will be able to maneuver the canoe all the way to the lodge. In the case that the river is low, we will walk about 30 minutes through the forest, until we arrive at Yuturi Cocha (Yuturi Lagoon) and then paddle to the lodge in a traditional dug out canoe.